Unemployment Insurance: “An Update”

They tell me there are 535 people in the United States who have been given the responsibility of deciding if unemployment insurance for unemployed Americans should be extended. I understand those same 535 people will start a “legislative day” on July 7, 2014. I hope they honor and don’t abandon over 3.2 million Americans– Americans who have invested into the system by working for some three, ten, twenty-seven, thirty years; Americans who have children to feed and bills to pay.

What do I mean?

Unfortunately, the unemployment insurance of some 3.2 million has run out; they are struggling. Yet, 535 people who the 3.2 million put in office have not in a tangible way responded to this crisis. I lost my job due to a “restructuring”; therefore, I am one of the 3.2 million. Although I could not sustain myself after losing my unemployment insurance, I am not homeless; I am houseless, yes, but I am not homeless. There are very special friends and family in my life who have opted out of abandoning me when my unemployment ran out on March 22, 2014. One of them, my nephew, told me he has suffered once from house-less-ness. He has provided me what I hope Americans can expect from the 535 legislators—Assurance!

My nephew has provided me a safe, resting place. Yet, there are Americans who don’t have a place to rest—safe or otherwise. There are Americans who don’t have money to pay their bills. And, by the way, I must say if it were not for the Affordable Care Act, i.e., OBAMA CARE, I would not have been able to walk into Rite Aid last week and purchase medications prescribed by my doctor, medications that I NEED!

I hope that when the legislators convene for the “legislative day,” on July 7, 2014 they forget the political rhetoric and buzz words–bipartisan, Democrat, Republican, Unemployment Insurance, Unemployment Extension Insurance, President Obama–and remember there is a family of four who just walked into McDonald’s and tried to negotiate with the cashier to purchase a meal for four people using a one dollar bill!

Have a blessed July 4th (2014)!

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