“Think Like A Man Too”: Collard Green Laughs


I journey to see the movie Think Like A Man Too.


It’s simple: I would like to speak with the person responsible for the title of the movie. Mind you, I am still mulling over Steve Harvey’s theory concerning how women can benefit from “thinking like a man”; however, that is not the reason why I want to speak with the individual responsible for naming this movie Think Like A Man Too. It is the “Too” that concerns me.

Question: Where is the “,” before the “Too.” Does the “Too” mean also?

Plagued by that slip of grammatical wisdom, I sit in my seat. I’d heard the critics had given the movie 24% percent on Rotten Tomatoes ‘Tomatometer,” but I knew I wanted to see the movie. After all, I love a good chew a collard green laugh—you know the kind of laugh that gets your sides a moving.

I must say, the movie started off a little slow; however, right in the middle of the movie, right when I thought well a 24% tomato reading is good. That means this movie has a 24% chance of helping my heart. I might be able to get rid of 24% of my high blood pressure medicine. Although I was satisfied with the 24% percent, I am happy to report I received a little bit more than that for my heart muscle. I got me some collard green laughs, you know the kind of laugh that says, there’s hope in the world, –even if you trying to get married in a place where everything has got to stay right there. Where? There! Las Vegas!

I really would like to know if that “,” before “Too” got lost in Vegas or Steve Harvey’s theory. For now, I really enjoyed this movie. If you want a collar green laugh, Think Like A Man TOO is a great way to spend an afternoon.

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