An Open Letter to Sundry Do Right Political Pundits

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DEAR Sundry-Do-Right Political Pundits,

This morning I wake to find myself thinking and imagining the face of a woman who had been “Commissioned” to serve while at the same time, in the same room, men were being “Ordained to serve.” I am not sure I understand the difference; however, I do understand the implicit suggestion of racism and the explicit example of sexism in the act of commissioning women while, at the same time, in the same room, on the same stage ordaining men. It seems that the program participants were also implicitly confused as many of them stumbled through the presentations and the reading of one woman’s biography.

Oh, I need to repeat myself. This is an open letter from Sunshine who feels a bit confused.

The puzzled and abandoned look on one woman’s face compels me to think: Commissioning a called woman of God in a public ceremony where men are being given the gift of ordination as a way of honoring their call of God to minister is an example of public humiliation. Where is the sensitivity? How must called women be honored and , more importantly, respected while called Sundry political pundits debate, I assume, if God calls a woman to serve as a minister. A mother of the church told me once that there are just “two forces out there honey: God and the Devil.”

Question: Whose calling the women? Is it God? If so, I suspect that God yearns. . . yearns that the church’s Sundry political pundits baptize themselves in the spirit of the Lord and do what the film maker Spike Lee’s calls the “right thing” and vote to ORDAIN the WOMEN of GOD who are CALLED by GOD. Don’t play games with the lives of women. They are people, too! That just ain’t right, nor is it a heavenly example of how to treat the sisters of the heavenly cloth.

Hey Sundry-Do-Right political pundits, Do The Right Thing. It is down right evil, and many lives are being lost as you church pundits continue to lynch the spirits of called, dedicated women of God. Take the noose from around these called women. Stop the lynching of the female spirit. Did God call the women? Then shake your-self loose. Don’t be like the old lynch-master—putting spiritual and psychological nooses and chains around the necks of called Women of God. That just ain’t right!


Sunshine AKA Dr. Hyman, A Confused English Professor

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