“Break Every Chain”: A Freedom Song

Tasha Cobbs SongBreak Every Chain I am having a Collard Greens’ moment as I listen to the lyrics of Tasha Cobb’s soulfully uplifting contribution to Christian music, Break Every Chain. As “I hear [and envision] the chains falling” – dropping from my life, I am compelled to praise the Lord for the lyrics of this gospel emblem of Christ’s power to usher me out of life’s chains into a Christ-centered freedom.

The repetitive line—“Break every chain” calls for a knee jerking reality check that Jesus, the “chain breaker,” is in the business of showing up for us in life—even in those times when we feel encumbered by chains, or walls, or fears. Every time I hear this song, I am compelled to pray for the Lord to remove the chains in the lives of all people—including people who may not know Him at this hour.

What I really appreciate about Break Every Chain is this song is a lyrical prayer. It is King David reminding us in Psalm 27 that “ . . . the Lord is my light and salvation”; [therefore] I do not have to be afraid.

Break Every Chain is a freedom song; Amen!


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