Conversation with My Open Heaven GOD

 One Sunday I joined friends at the beach. It was a sunny summer California day in June. My friends thought it would be simply fun to rent bikes and ride the beach. I thanked the group, telling them I would join them in about two hours. I needed to do what I call “walk the beach.” My beach walks are somewhat aimless. I walk. I talk and listen to God.

On that Sunday morning, God spoke to me very directly as I journeyed down that California beach pondering the direction of my life’s assignment. Earlier that month I’d taken a panoramic evaluation of my life and realized that maybe, just maybe I had not completed many of the goals I set for myself some twenty-five years earlier. What happened to the “great book,” the family, and the life as a writer, speaker, and administrator? I was seeking an answer from heaven when I looked up to the sky and shouted, “Do you hear my heart God?” That was the only place I knew to look. I heard God speak: “Ramona, I am your open heaven GOD; keep looking up.” I continued to look up towards the sky. I heard God say, “Yes, you share your prayers with me; trust the GOD you are sharing your prayers with Ramona.”

I found myself speaking, God I pray, I talk to you all of the time.

His answer: “You talk to me, but do you trust and believe in ME. And are you authentically obedient to My voice?”

My open heaven GOD spoke a word of revelation to me that California Sunday as I walked the beach. Today my prayer is this: GOD as I speak, pray, and listen to YOU, help me to trust and believe YOU. Help me to employ the measure of WOW FAITH YOU bequeath to me daily. Thank you LORD for giving me the sand upon which to feel my feet, the ocean water to cool my feet, and the heaven that pours out restorative revelations through the beautiful mind you have given me: AMEN and WOW!

Copyright© 2014 Ramona L. Hyman, PhD

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