“What Happened Sandra Bland” by Miriam “Robyn Hood” Hyman

sandrabland2 “What Happened Sandra Bland”

Sandra Bland
Sandra Bland
What happened?
Wish I could have been a fly in your
I would tell
Of your truth
How you were mistreated
How you were abused
How you were cheated
Another black life lost
My energy depleted
Working on a plan
To have the enemy defeated
Got a make a stand
Sandra Bland
Cause we need it
I pray that you’ve moved on
It’s levels to this life
Now your chilling above
Politicking with Christ

“Brown killers”
No justice
No peace
And now Mike Brown is 6 feet deep
Gotta the country mourning
Hard to catch sleep
City of destruction
The system’s so weak
It seems
Black culture is only good enough to steal from
Killers in blue
Don’t care about the outcome
Keep wasting lives
The color always brown
To bad Mike had to suffer
For the whole town
His next bday celebrated in the ground
For the next 4.5 just silence
No sound
Rest brotha

2012 Yale MFA

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