Woodlawn: A Love Story


I love Alabama. The state and the people call on me. That is what carried me inside the movie theater on a Friday afternoon to experience the movie Woodlawn. I went, and, indeed, I had an experience.

Woodlawn is a cinematic gift. The movie reaches inside the mind; it pushes for a humanity grounded in Christian ethos. It is a dramatic story about the real purpose of a high school’s athletic program, i.e., to encourage high school students to be human. Woodlawn is about Christian teachers who are not afraid to act out the definition of love in action in the public square.

The movie is beautifully written love story. From the lay preachers urging for a team influenced by Christ-centered thought to Bear Bryant saying to Tony Nathan, “I’m not leaving here until you decide to come to Alabama.”

Woodlawn is a Roll to the Tide movie—for sure! It is a call for integration; it is a love story; it is redemptive. I am hoping that everyone goes to see it—YES!

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