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Marc Lacy Picture      Years ago, when I became a writer, I began analyzing all types of productions from head to toe. It didn’t matter whether it was a play, TV show, movie, sitcom, standup, soap, sketch, concert, documentary, or even a sermon. If it had writing attached to it, I was inhaling it like smelling salt. However, my analyses of different movies would take precedence over any other type of production. When I review movies, it’s a very similar process to that which is applied when reviewing a novel. I’m looking for character development, the 5 senses manifested in each scene, trajectory of the plot leading to the climax, all elements driving the plot, accurate setting and time references, cinematography (movie only), and a good mesh between main and supporting characters. But most importantly, WHAT MESSAGE IS IT SENDING?

They say that with everything that occurs in society today, a biblical parallel can be drawn right to it…whether literally or figuratively, and regardless of your faith, sect, or general beliefs, period. Gospel is gospel, 24/7/365.


When I saw The Last Disciples on Sunday, May 22nd, 2016, (8pm @ Hollywood 18, Huntsville, AL), the intensity, drama, and energy put me in the mindset of Deep Cover, The Matrix, The Wire, New Jack City, Man of Fire, Training Day, Treme, Boyz in the Hood, Gridlocked, Menace to Society, Book of Eli, Colors, Beat Street, The Warriors, and Baby Boy. However the symbolism, depth, and cultural integrity reminded me of Roots, Sounder, Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry, The Color Purple, The Passion of The Christ, Do the Right Thing, Malcolm X, Glory, Barbershop, and a Soldier’s Story. Lastly the cinematography effects were dramatic and similar to what you’d see in a Spielberg or Landis directed production.

The Last Disciples is a gripping, chilling, real, dramatic, and suspenseful saga that pulls at your heartstrings and nudges your spirit while reminding you that every little step you take has already been written and highlighted within the Bible. Each act held your attention hostage and made you consume a heavy helping of street level realness while washing it down with an elixir comprised of raw scripture and hardcore history.

The Isabelle Brothers and everyone involved in this epic production deserve mega kudos for the bravery exuded in coming up with the concept, birthing it into life, and exposing it to the masses. They kept the faith and got it done . . . and there’s more where that came from.

God put HIS blessing on this project big time. The Isabelle Brothers are pioneers creating pathways for others as well as for themselves.

I truly enjoyed the movie!

Poet/Author Marc Lacy
AVO Publishing, LLC 2016

Marc Lacy is a poet, author, lecturer who writes from Huntsville, Alabama. More about Mr. Lacy can be found at this link: .


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