The Semi-colon

semicolon- copyThe semi-colon:

I employ it often

Sometimes not often enough

I prefer it over the period

Periods enlist finality

Semi-colons signal what life should

Constantly endeavor to parade before the

Marquee of the living–Relationships.


The semi-colon—that mark between two

Independent clauses announcing simultaneously

Its independent choice to be dependent

How exciting I might say—to know dependence

Is a choice of independence


The semi-colon—that mark between

Tying items in a series together!

What rhythm: Clap, clap, clap; pause;

Clap, clap, clap; snap, clap, clap; stop.


The semi-colon: building relationships

One “;” (semi-colon) at a time!


Copy(c)2016 by Ramona L. Hyman, PhD

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