Testimony: for Mr. Vernon Dahmer, Sr.


Dahmer_Vernon Way I hears it:

January 1966 is when the tall man

Of Mississippi loaned his store to the colored folks, wailing to the wayfaring saints:

His proposition:

     Pay the poll tax; own the right to vote.

     Your forty in acres, your mule– Vote!

     The right is yours; hang your heads up- Vote!

Loads of them heard his cry

Traveled on down the road

Planning to pay the tax, so they could own the right to vote


A penalty the Tall Man paid on

January 10th of 66

The Ku Klux Klan spoke loud: Roused

A fire in honor of Mr. Vernon Dahmer, Sr.

Burned his body–but not his name!



from I Am Black America by Ramona L. Hyman, PhD







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