The Sea’s A-Rising: for Martin and Coretta Scott King January 30, 1956

Coretta and MartinGrace was in the crowd at

309 Jackson Street.
The sea rose:
Baptizing hate at 309 Jackson Street into love

The “light” colored car came
Mumbling segregation/
Delivering dynamite to kill
The dreams and dreamers.
The Sea’s a-rising to
Drown hate into love
Grace presses her head into
the ground on the South side of
Martin and Coretta’s home on 309 Jackson Street:

        Did you tell them
        Martin, Coretta, and Yoki
        Be birthed human 

The sea is rising to drown hate into love

Mrs. Alberta’s boy (Martin) speaks:

We believe in law and order . . . .Don’t get your weapons. He who lives by the sword will                       perish by the sword. Remember that is what God said  . . .I want you to love our enemies. Be               good to them. Love them and let them know you love them . . . What we are doing is just.


The sea rises to drown
Hate into love
Grace whispers:



from Jesus In Alabama Copyright (2016) by Ramona L. Hyman 

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