Say Yes to “Year of Yes”

Year of Yes

Year of Yes is a call to positive action; it is a narrative about the importance of nurturing the self into an active life.

As I read this memoir by the gifted genius of Shondaland—Shonda Rhimes– I imagine experiencing my own year of yes. Really, I say to myself wishing I had a big bowel of popcorn and a glass of water as I turn the pages of this wonderful manual, I need to push myself into 365 days of yes. I suspect many of my unrealized dreams would waltz themselves on the stage of life instead of hiding in the basement.

Year of Yes is a memoir that encourages an airbrushing of the heart and mind, a removal of NO! If it is true that the heart has its own intelligence, a year of positive responses would encourage a healthy heart. I am ready to sit quietly to hear my yes as yes is a revolutionary performance act where the performers are the inner and outer self, the mind and body, the heart and brain at work.

Year of Yes is a book for those who have let their dreams whittle into dormancy; it is a challenge to be who you really are—to live and be your most beautiful, active self.

Suggestion: Get your popcorn and water, rest in your bed or couch—for the last time—read and take notes. This is one of the gems of Shondaland that I am incorporating into my life: say “yes to [who you are.” I am giving myself the 21 day Year of Yes opportunity. I invite you to join Shondaland for a “year of yes,” also!


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  1. Clifton J McMillan Sr says:

    Thanks Dr. Hyman! Happy Yes year!

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  2. Books&Coffee says:

    Sounds like a great read. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. brandonomara says:

    To be honest, I stopped reading after the “bowel” of popcorn statement! Was laughing too hard!! LOL

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