FOR HIGHER by Robyn Hood A Hyman Hustle


miriamFolks, her name is Robyn Hood/Miriam A. Hyman. “She is a Hip Hop MC and classically trained actress having received her MFA from Yale School of Drama in 2012. She is a Philadelphia [woman]. . . .Her career as an MC began to take off after being inspired to write while performing in William Shakespeare’s Richard III at the Public Theatre in New York. Yep! She is an actress, also. You have seen her on Law and Order, Blue Blood; the list continues.

        FOR HIGHER is Robyn Hood’s freshman album.  I agree: “Robyn Hood’s music is a fresh breeze of the classic Hip Hop sound with a new wave of cool and intelligence.” Her contribution is, indeed, a Christmas gift for 2016; it is the best in Hip Hop, and it speaks volumes of this voice birthed in Philadelphia and honed within the walls of Yale School of Drama’s upper room. Robyn Hood says she is a member of “Hyman Nation.” Her sound speaks the dramatic lessons garnered from Yale. It talks the blues-like beat found in the African American sensibility. Robyn Hood’s brand of Hip Hop is groovy; it pushes and moves language. It is history calling on us to live authentically, to count dreams a blessing. Robyn Hood is a “truth teller”; her dream is FOR HIGHER. Experience it. Here is the link:





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