To “The Donald”: No More Trash Talk!

On this inauguration morning, I pray for President-Elect Trump. This morning I pray–no more trash talk. This morning I pray for Presidential Grace!






Dr. Hyman's African American Culture Review

Trump Picture

Lifting my memory back to the writer’s table, I am recalling a conversation with a group of campers that I have had an opportunity to learn a lesson about what happens when an old English professor makes political jokes. The campers are creative writers, and we have been writing, talking about writing, and authentically sharing our thoughts and feelings about everything from writing to, well, Mr. Donald Trump.

Around the table, I am not Dr. Ramona L. Hyman, the professor, the author, the speaker. I am simply Ms. Ramona, the writer, whose thinking about politics and political people was challenged one morning. This is what I love about this writers’ room and the writers’ table. Between the ages of nine and fifteen, these young writers are intensely creative and extremely critically engaged. They have very specific opinions about all things, including The Donald, i.e., Trump that is.

The story: We…

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