“Come Through”:​ Honoring the Wardlaw Brothers


Thank you, LORD

For favoring the Wardlaw Brothers:

Five young men anchored in ministering on your behalf!

You know what humanity does not know

Wardlaw Brothers are anointed to walk Your Will!

Weapons will not mangle your servants–

The chains pulled away by God’s angels housed above.


Wardlaw Brothers: Five servants of the KING!

I walk, I kneel, I fall upon my face in pray:

“I am somewhere listening”

The Wardlaw lyric

Is God anointing brothers to whisper His Will upon the earth

And no weapon shall mangle their musical prayers

The chains pulled away by God’s angels housed above.

My prayer:

Please hear me, Lord:

Continue to bless the Wardlaw Brothers in ministry

Let no weapon of man’s construct mangle your servants

And I hear my GOD say,

The chains are pulled away by GOD’s angels housed above

My sons, the Wardlaw Brothers, are treasured blessing

Born into the world to minister unto the world

GOD will “Come Through” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqqPpgzOw2A


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