The Sea’s A-Rising: for Martin and Coretta Scott King January 30, 1956

Walk in King’s Love!

Dr. Hyman's African American Culture Review

Coretta and MartinGrace was in the crowd at

309 Jackson Street.
The sea rose:
Baptizing hate at 309 Jackson Street into love

The “light” colored car came
Mumbling segregation/
Delivering dynamite to kill
The dreams and dreamers.
The Sea’s a-rising to
Drown hate into love
Grace presses her head into
the ground on the South side of
Martin and Coretta’s home on 309 Jackson Street:

        Did you tell them
        Martin, Coretta, and Yoki
        Be birthed human 

The sea is rising to drown hate into love

Mrs. Alberta’s boy (Martin) speaks:

We believe in law and order . . . .Don’t get your weapons. He who lives by the sword will                       perish by the sword. Remember that is what God said  . . .I want…

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