Madeia Jacobs Remembers Her Mom’s Love for Martin Luther King, Jr.

nana and madeia copy

By Madeia Quiento Jacobs

ON April 4th, 1968 I was 5 1/2. The only reason I remember this day is because I walked into our living room and Nana was seating on the arm of a chair crying. This is the first and maybe the only time I saw our mother cry.

I said, ” mommy why are you crying”? and she said,

“Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. died.”

I thought to myself who was Dr. Martin Luther Kung Jr. I wished I could have done something about it. I wished I could have made mommy feel better. I knew that this was not the time to try to investigate by questioning our mother. Her grief was so profound I had never seen anything like it. She was listening to the radio.

Today as the world commemorates his life and great purpose. I would like to say, ” I miss my mother”


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