COVID-19: A Prayer

Photo on 9-30-17 at 6.50 PM #3

That virus (deadly)
Has ravished our world—
An un-welcomed visitor

Stealing breath from the Beautiful
Demanding Distance. Quarantine.
Masks. Gloves. Death


You call our eyes (Lord) to embrace,
to hold each other –up:
Though our lips tremble,
Wheat and Tares
Pray Together–
We will say of the LORD,
“He is [our] refuge
[our] fortress, our God,
in whom [we] trust.”

You COVID-19 shall be moved!
In the name of Jesus Christ (move).

Ramona L. Hyman
Copyright© 2020

One Comment Add yours

  1. Linda Webb says:

    What a description! Beautifully noted.
    God Bless us all.

    Liked by 1 person

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