What Does It Mean to Be the Color BLACK

I have to wonder if today could be my last all because of a white man with a gun and a badge. I can’t wear a hoodie over my face, it’s a mask. A mask that says SHOOT ME!! But you don’t even ask. You don’t ask about my background such as where I grew…

Last Word

He died
A full man
It was a Wednesday
(just after prayer meeting)

COVID-19: A Prayer

COVID—19 That virus (deadly) Has ravished our world— An un-welcomed visitor Unholy– Stealing breath from the Beautiful Demanding Distance. Quarantine. Masks. Gloves. Death But You call our eyes (Lord) to embrace, to hold each other –up: Though our lips tremble, Wheat and Tares Pray Together– We will say of the LORD, “He is [our] refuge…