for Carvell Goodlow: Do the Holy Thing

The name Carvell Goodlow triggers a chaotic caucus of words that I don’t even want on my doorstep they hurt they scream painful; they read Carvell Goodlow, a good boy was killed on Sunday, September 2018 in Huntsville Alabama for no reason by a black boy who lost his humanity. Carvell Goodlow was pursuing a…

“Black Panther”: A Wakandan Epitaph

The real hero of this movie is the African child-come-man left orphaned in America—Erik Killmonger. It is that orphaned boy whose final epitaph carries the movie home.

Hear This: “Black Lives Matter”

My sight sees American children sprawled across a Huntsville, Alabama highway; they hold their arms and hands up, hugging their witness to those signs: “I Am A Man.” Hear me, “ BLACK LIVES MATTER.” I am reminded of my historical fore-parents on that death boat. Hear me: their contemporary children lay across a highway; they want to “shut down” the notion that their lives don’t matter. I hear them: AMERICA, “Till, Martin, Brown, and Garner mattered: “GLORY!”

To “The Donald”: No More Trash Talk!

Note to Mr. Trump: There is no more time for TRASH TALK about Mrs. Clinton, the other party, the sitting president. Six of the most creative and thoughtful young people I know are watching you along with some 20 million young people between the ages of 15 and 19. During this election, young people don’t need Trash Talk!