Racial Profiling: ALIVE!

JUST RAMBLING: . . .the “ I THOUGHT” haunts me. In my imagination, I return to the night I was racially profiled on a southern highway in this America. I hear the officer: “I thought when you got out of that car you were a black male with a gun.”

Year 58: An Introvert’s Yes to The Splendor of Purpose

I am dancing into 58 years. They have been introspectively beautiful to me. I have learned to appreciate this introverted Black American female who finds her soul’s fulfillment in Black American culture and spirituality. I am waltzing into my purpose. Fifty-eight is beautiful; it’s restful; I hear my sister, “be an active learner.” Let knowledge drizzle over you. Sit quietly and watch life’s movie; let the text talk. You: listen.

Journey: A Haiku

  I can not sleep I can dream: I can go where The wind calls—peace  

The Ice cream Man

On thirty-first street Summer fun is Ice cream truck visits The bell rings;   The ice cream man Faithfully delivers gifts of ice-cream We hustle our $1. 25 Gather our taste buds like bees collecting honey   Need a penny, a dime—no worries The friend standing behind you Shouts– as if sharing is the rite…

Conversation with My Open Heaven GOD

My open heaven GOD spoke a word of revelation to me that California Sunday as I walked the beach. Today my prayer is this: GOD as I speak, pray, and listen to YOU, help me to trust and believe YOU. Help me to employ the measure of WOW FAITH YOU bequeath to me daily. Thank you LORD for giving me the sand upon which to feel my feet, the ocean water to cool my feet, and the heaven that pours out restorative revelations through the beautiful mind you have given me: AMEN and WOW!