Year 58: An Introvert’s Yes to The Splendor of Purpose

I am dancing into 58 years. They have been introspectively beautiful to me. I have learned to appreciate this introverted Black American female who finds her soul’s fulfillment in Black American culture and spirituality. I am waltzing into my purpose. Fifty-eight is beautiful; it’s restful; I hear my sister, “be an active learner.” Let knowledge drizzle over you. Sit quietly and watch life’s movie; let the text talk. You: listen.


When I saw The Last Disciples on Sunday, May 22nd, 2016, (8pm @ Hollywood 18, Huntsville, AL), the intensity, drama, and energy put me in the mindset of Deep Cover, The Matrix, The Wire, New Jack City, Man of Fire, Training Day, Treme, Boyz in the Hood, Gridlocked, Menace to Society, Book of Eli, Colors, Beat Street, The Warriors, and Baby Boy. However the symbolism, depth, and cultural integrity reminded me of Roots, Sounder, Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry, The Color Purple, The Passion of The Christ, Do the Right Thing, Malcolm X, Glory, Barbershop, and a Soldier’s Story. Lastly the cinematography effects were dramatic and similar to what you’d see in a Spielberg or Landis directed production.

“What Happened Sandra Bland” by Miriam “Robyn Hood” Hyman

“What Happened Sandra Bland” Sandra Bland Sandra Bland What happened? Damn! Wish I could have been a fly in your Cell I would tell Of your truth How you were mistreated How you were abused How you were cheated Another black life lost My energy depleted Working on a plan To have the enemy defeated…

God’s Trombones: Sermons That Inspire The Soul

My soul is galvanized every time I hear or read James Weldon Johnson’s God’s Trombones: Seven Negro Sermons in Verse. I have often imagined the old time African American preacher who, says Johnson, was “. . . an orator, and in good measure an actor” as he preached. I have directed student perfomances of this deeply…