Nurtured by The Nation of Islam: Muhammad Ali’s Purposeful Life

Muhammad Ali was a dreamer who inspired us to locate our dreams with purpose and live them fearlessly. He wore no mask; he did not hide. He was and will always be the man who floated like a butterfly and [stung] like a bee. In honor of Muhammad Ali, live with purpose!

The Gift of Death: “Since You Left”

I SEE: Death ushers me into the recognition of my own mortality and the blessing of “family” who call on me to know purpose. It reminds me also that maybe a meaning of the purpose of my life is found in continuing the contributions of those resting souls who made sure I could whisper on my pillow words of connected affirmation: “So here is family.”

Church Mothers:Thinking of Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy

I love “Church Mothers.” I appreciate their celestial confidence. I love how they designate certain church pews as their own; I love their hats, and the way they smile. They are the metaphorical waters of many church fountains. Often they hold the tears of weary members, baptizing them into wellness. Church mothers are the givers,…