To Him: Thankyou

Beginning a somber day She stares through a stained glass  library window–listening for a voice of no expectations He, as anointed grace, answers the spirit She receives his exhale:  “How are you?”

A Prayer for the Dumb

. . . What they do know is they will be with us, always. . . Their Jesus told them (so).

Thanks Rev.​ Al Sharpton

Dear Revered Al, This evening  I “got in the boat” Knowing there was no passage in the middle–cause you  called Faith down on me Faith pulled me and my family out of the passage. and we ain’t going back either Rev. AL, “I ain’t” “guessing what God can do” no more I know I can “make it”…

Happy 82nd Birthday SONIA SANCHEZ

In Sonia Sanchez, God has given the world a gem who calls on all of us who are blessed to sit at her feet or hear her speak or read her works to experience the fullness of humanity.

I Am Blessed; I Am America

I am blessed; I am America  I am December 1773: I am the Boston Tea Party I am blessed; I am America I am the American Revolutionary War I am Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,      that they are endowed by…


tomorrow (if God allows) the sun shall shine upon my body i will listen to myself in prayer              Dear God, tell me what you shall allow                only then shall i begin Your today!  tomorrow the sun shall shine i will rub my  left…

The Semi-colon

The semi-colon: I employ it often Sometimes not often enough I prefer it over the period Periods enlist finality Semi-colons signal what life should Constantly endeavor to parade before the Marquee of the living–Relationships.   The semi-colon—that mark between two Independent clauses announcing simultaneously Its independent choice to be dependent How exciting I might say—to…