Nurtured by The Nation of Islam: Muhammad Ali’s Purposeful Life

Muhammad Ali was a dreamer who inspired us to locate our dreams with purpose and live them fearlessly. He wore no mask; he did not hide. He was and will always be the man who floated like a butterfly and [stung] like a bee. In honor of Muhammad Ali, live with purpose!

Thinking of Michael Jackson: for My Sister Aleah

This evening of January 20, 2016, I am missing Michael Jackson, not the images of him I hold in my mind. I am missing the way in which he peered into the public with the enigmatic innocence he carried in his eyes. I am hoping that when I close my eyes on the days I miss him most, I will see him through my memory, and, hopefully, language will help me call in prayer the humanity I am sure he loved. Talk about finding purpose in the hum of a Michael Jackson song!

“Stepping Out of Silence”: A Good-by@ Hello Moment

This afternoon I distill the silence around me as I reflect on a senior citizen celebration at the Oakwood University Church on the campus of Oakwood University on Saturday, July 25, 2015. That Saturday was, for me, one of those “Good by @ Hello” moments. Metaphorically speaking, a “Good-by @ Hello” moment is a flash…