Nurtured by The Nation of Islam: Muhammad Ali’s Purposeful Life

Muhammad Ali was a dreamer who inspired us to locate our dreams with purpose and live them fearlessly. He wore no mask; he did not hide. He was and will always be the man who floated like a butterfly and [stung] like a bee. In honor of Muhammad Ali, live with purpose!


When I saw The Last Disciples on Sunday, May 22nd, 2016, (8pm @ Hollywood 18, Huntsville, AL), the intensity, drama, and energy put me in the mindset of Deep Cover, The Matrix, The Wire, New Jack City, Man of Fire, Training Day, Treme, Boyz in the Hood, Gridlocked, Menace to Society, Book of Eli, Colors, Beat Street, The Warriors, and Baby Boy. However the symbolism, depth, and cultural integrity reminded me of Roots, Sounder, Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry, The Color Purple, The Passion of The Christ, Do the Right Thing, Malcolm X, Glory, Barbershop, and a Soldier’s Story. Lastly the cinematography effects were dramatic and similar to what you’d see in a Spielberg or Landis directed production.

Mind Chatter: For Rosa Parks

Fable go:
June 1956 Montgomery Court say:
Back of the bus sitting for black folk ain’t right.
November 1956 Untied States Supreme Court say:
Back of bus sitting for black folk ain’t right

Fred Gray’s “Bus Ride To Justice”

   This evening I honor Attorney Fred Gray, the lawyer most associated with the case responsible for the desegregation of city buses in Montgomery, Alabama in 1955. I write this blog this evening because, well, when I was a student so long ago, my history teacher failed to tell me about Mr. Gray and the…

“The Letters”: A Beautiful Portraiture of Mother Teresa

I am having a collard greens’ moment. It owns reflection to The Letters: the Untold Story of Mother Teresa, a movie capturing the life of a woman who delivered life as prayer to the world. Mother Teresa worked beautifully in the worldwide vineyard; I pray she is resting well!

Dr. Cone: “The Cross And The Lynching Tree”–A Gift to Social Thought

If there is a concept that helps to move the conversation concerning race in America forward, it is presented in this lecture on the “Cross and The Lynching Tree”  by Dr. Cone. This lecture is a fortitudinous gift to American social, political, religious, and cultural thought. Thanks Dr. Cone; your work is giving me the…